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Our mission is to provide you with the best eye care in a friendly and professional environment.

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We make it our goal to help you achieve the clearest vision with glasses or contacts while thoroughly evaluating the health of your eyes.

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With our state of the art technology and optometric experience, we can help improve and maintain your vision and eye health.

Meet Our Doctors

Vincenzo Gianfrancesco, OD


"Dr. G" has gained valuable experience throughout the country from east coast to west coast. Working alongside pediatric specialists in Boston, MA and Miami, FL, he has experience in diagnosing and treating a multitude of conditions including amblyopia, strabismus, and keratoconus. Dr. G has also had the privilege to care for our veterans at VA Hospitals in Fresno, CA, Vancouver, WA, and Boston, MA. During that time, he carefully managed ocular conditions including cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

Dr. G is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island where he received his Bachelor of Science in Biology. He went on to earn his Doctorate at the New England College of Optometry in Boston, MA. During that time, he served as the President of Beta Sigma Kappa International Optometric Honor Society.

Dr. G provides compassion and consideration with every examination as an eye care professional. 

Kellie McMahon, OD

Optometrist | Co-Owner

Dr. Kellie McMahon is an experienced optometrist with a demonstrated history of working in the medical optometry practice industry. Dr. McMahon has worked at the Jamaica Plain Veterans Hospital, Boston Medical Center, Dimock Community Health Center, and New England Eye where she was trained to diagnose and care for patients with ocular diseases including glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, and other various retinal diseases. Dr. McMahon has experience in contact lenses, pediatrics, vision therapy, and low vision eye exams. 

Dr. Kellie McMahon is a graduate of The State University of New York at Geneseo where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Biology. She received her doctorate degree in Optometry from The New England College of Optometry in Boston, MA.

Dr. Kellie McMahon is devoted to providing the best eye care to patients of all ages.

John Corvese, OD, PhD


Dr. John Corvese, with his 35 years of experience and success, is a devoted optometrist who provides excellent care for each of his patients. 

Dr. Corvese is the founder of the East Providence office, formerly known as Envisions Eyecare, and is continuing to provide for his patients at this location, now known as Modern Eyes.

Dr. Corvese attended the University of Rhode Island, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology. In 1982, he obtained his Doctorate of Optometry from the New England College of Optometry. He is a member of the American Optometric Association and the Rhode Island Optometric Association.

Call and schedule your appointment with Dr. Corvese at our East Providence office today!

Our Services


Eye Exams

Using state of the art technology, we offer complete eye exams focusing on obtaining an accurate prescription for you, while screening for conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetes, and retinal disorders.


Contact Lenses

Our doctors and staff are highly trained to fit  a wide variety of contact lenses. With a few quick measurements of your eyes and a proper contact lens fitting, we will find the right lens for you! We offer soft, hard, color, astigmatism, multifocal, monovision, and daily lenses.



Our in-house optical display offers a wide variety of eyeglass frames, sunglasses, and customized lenses. Our staff and opticians will help you find the perfect frame for you!

Meet Our Staff


Our doctors and staff are highly motivated individuals who are excited about what they do. We are devoted to providing you the best eye care for all your visual needs. We promote a friendly and professional environment to make your eye exam experience comfortable from start to finish!


Optos Retinal Imaging

We are pleased to offer ultra-wide digital retinal imaging to our patients. The Optomap is the latest in eye care technology and is the recommended method for retinal screening by our doctors.

The benefits of the Optomap system are:

·  Most patients can avoid having their pupils dilated with eyedrops

·  Testing is fast, easy, safe, and comfortable

·  It provides a 200°panoramic view of the back of the eye that scans for tumors, retinal detachments, diabetic retinopathy, and more

·  Studies have shown that 1/3 more pathology is found with the Optomap than with dilated exam alone

·  Provides a digital record of your retina which becomes part of your permanent file

·  Continues our commitment to offer all of our patients the highest standard of care available

California af

The California af is designed to facilitate retinal exams and document findings. It takes less than 1/2 second to uncover critical information.

Accepted Insurances


Blue Cross Blue Shield


Davis Vision

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care



Neighborhood Health Care

National Vision Administrators (NVA)


United Health Care

Vision Service Plan (VSP)

*This is not a full list, please contact us to see if we accept your insurance provider*

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